Your Professional Words: 7 Tips for Looking Good

2016-03-01T22:05:48-05:00March 1, 2016|Editing, Small Business, Writing|

Words matter. Every communication that you send—e-mails, letters, reports—influences others’ impressions of you, for better or for worse. We keep this in mind when we’re interviewing for jobs, but we tend to become less careful over time. We’re busy, we’re working quickly, and maybe we don’t have someone on hand to run an eye over our words before they go out into the world.

The Clarifying Power of Dogs

2016-01-15T22:03:03-05:00January 15, 2016|Small Business, Writing|

I felt the big new schedule looming over me, and I was neither determined nor positive. But life stepped in. Saving me from my new plan was the deadline that trumps all others: the daily clock of the dogs. Every single morning, come sweltering humidity or driving sleet, the dogs must walk. They wait impatiently while I drink a little coffee, then off we go.

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