How can schools meet the needs of homeless students? Can coaches provide a resource for kids’ academic growth? How should we respond to students who self-injure? By addressing questions like these, the academic research we share in Professional School Counseling has a real impact on the work school counselors do with students every day. I’m so fortunate to serve as assistant editor of this journal, published by the American School Counselor Association, and learn about the challenges and successes taking place in our schools.

Here are some of the articles I have edited for Professional School Counseling in the last few months. Access articles here

The Elementary School Counselor’s Voice in Counseling Transracially Adopted Students, by Susan F. Branco and Pamelia E. Brott

“Do whatever you can to try to support that kid”: School Counselors’ Experiences Addressing Student Homelessness, by Stacey A. Havlik, Patrick Rowley, Jessica Puckett, George Wilson, and Erin Neason

Student Non-Suicidal Self-Injury: A Protocol for School Counselors, by Nicole A. Stargell, Chelsey A. Zoldan, Victoria E. Kress, Laura M. Walker-Andrews, and Julia L. Whisenhunt

Revealing School Counselors’ Perspectives on Using Physical Activity and Consulting with Coaches, by Laura Hayden, Meghan Ray Silva, and Kaitlin Gould

Gender and Ethnic Bias in Letters of Recommendation: Considerations for School Counselors, by Patrick Akos and Jennifer Kretchmar

Operation Occupation: A College and Career Readiness Intervention for Elementary Students, by Melissa Mariani, Carolyn Berger, Kathleen Koerner, and Cassie Sandlin

Supporting Students in Military Families During Times of Transition: A Call for Awareness and Action, by Rebekah F. Cole